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  • 03/09/2018



  1. Sahitya Parishat to promote Kannada literature in rural areas
  2. Why water ATMs are at loss
  3. Hybrid seed & more yield for silkworm farmers


  1. US-India 2+2 Pact
  2. NGT take steps to conserve Ghats
  3. Social Audit to check benefit deliveries to Construction workers
  4. US reduces financial aid to Pakistan
  5. Turkey vows to abandon trade in dollars
  6. Public Credit Registry
  7. UN treaty to regulate high seas,2020


  1. High GDP growth but risky fiscal deficit

Mains Corner

1.What could be the reasons for the anomalous economy with high GDP and high fiscal deficit ?

2.”Natural disasters are unpreventable events upto an extent;so focus should be on resilient infrastructure and behaviour.” Comment

3.What is your opinion about RBI’s new Public Credit Registry proposal ?

4.What are the geo-strategic implication of Pakistan’s new affinity towards Russia and US’s closeness towards India ?

5.Water ATMs are important part of Urban infrastructure.Suggest steps to improve its functioning .

  • Focus on improving resilience from natural disasters

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