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With government ultimatum, special classes begin in aided schools

  • 14/03/2019
  • The state government’s ultimatum on withholding salaries in case of poor results in SSLC examinations, the teachers in private aided schools are going out of their way to ensure good results this time.
  • It may be recollected that the government had to withdraw its order which stated that vacancies in a school would be filled only if the the school’s pass percentage is higher than that of the district in which it is located. However, following the opinion that such a measure would adversely affect the students at such schools, the government recalled the order.
  •  Primary among these was that a teacher has to ensure a minimum 60% pass in his/her respective subject failing which their salaries, grant-in-aid and promotions would be withheld. If the same level of performance continues for more than three years, the government has said that their grant-in-aid will have to be returned.
  • A lot of factors contribute to overall percentage. This includes the availability of infrastructure and teaching tools. Building unnecessary pressure on teachers will serve no purpose.
  • The pressure is such that several of teachers are conducting extra classes to prepare students for SSLC exams. Giving them a push has become essential as teacher’s salaries will now be dependent on result.
  • The revised order also states that if 50% of students do not pass in the exams, funds released towards salaries to schools would be withdrawn.