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Khajaguda rock heritage turning to dust

  • 17/03/2019

  • A large portion of the Khajaguda heritage rock precinct has been reduced to open ground. Massive dumpers trundle through it through the day and night. Where rock formations used to the top of the hillock, now lies a wide road, perpetually covered in a haze of fine dust amid the continuous stream of vehicles.
  • The Khajaguda rock formation was a listed site under Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority giving it some protection. However, the 2017 Telangana Heritage Act did not register this rock formation. The result has been the destruction of a chapter in the earth’s geological history.
  • Known as Faqruddin Baba Gutta or Meher Baba’s Cave, the massive rock formation, has become one of the prime localities in the city with the Outer Ring Road (ORR) on one side and the Old Bombay Highway on the other. Over the past few years, up market schools, apartment blocks and restaurants have opened up in these areas.