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International agriculture body has a model to boost farm income

  • 08/01/2019
  • The International Society of Extension Education (ISEE) has proposed a five-point formula to States, particularly Karnataka, for bailing out farmers from crises and to make agriculture a profitable venture.
  • The main component of the five-point formula is introducing data-based cultivation under which farmers of different areas would be advised to grow specific crops that suit their region, environment, and soil condition. Experts would assess the quantum of particular crops in the season and prevent excessive sowing and production.
  • The second component is integrated farming to help increase incomes through multiple crops, including animal husbandry, fishery and floriculture among others. Third is value addition and processing, which includes setting up processing units to increase the shelf life of produce, besides reducing post-harvest losses.
  • The other components are setting up producers’ groups which would reduce cost of cultivation through sharing of production costs. This would also ensure easy access to extension network, besides paving the way for collective bargaining in the market. The final component is getting remunerative prices, which the society feels is possible if the government joins hands to eliminate the role of middlemen and introduce innovative marketing systems.