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India set to overtake Pakistan in number of Haj pilgrims

  • 10/02/2019
  • India is likely to overtake Pakistan in terms of the number of pilgrims sent for Haj pilgrimage this year.
  • From our country, Muslims participate in Haj in huge numbers. There are two Islamic countries – Indonesia, from where around 2 lakh people participate and then there is Pakistan from where 1,84,000 people participate. As of today, India already has over 1,75,000 participants and we are aiming to supersede Pakistan this year,
  • the total number of applications received by the Haj Committee of India, around 50% were from women. 
  •  there was a gradual rise in the number of women willing to participate in the pilgrimage without a mehram (male companion).
  •  The GST was reduced from 18% to 5% on Haj. We will also ensure a significant drop in the airfare on nine of the 21 embarkation points in the country.