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India gets first TIR shipment via Chabahar Port from Afghanistan

  • 14/03/2019
  • The first shipment under the United Nations ‘Transports Internationaux Routiers’ (TIR) convention arrived in India from Afghanistan through Iran’s Chabahar Port.
  • The TIR convention will help in fast and easy movement of goods across multiple countries under a common customs document and guarantee.
  • India had joined the TIR Convention (the United Nations Customs Convention on International Transport of Goods under cover of TIR Carnets) on June 15, 2017.
  • “It will act as a strong catalyst for moving goods using the multi-modal transportation route like Chabahar and International North-South Transport (INSTC) Corridor. The system is a win-win-win model for Customs, FICCI and the business community,”
  • “The opening of Chabahar Port for TIR is hugely significant — offering connectivity for landlocked countries, seamless border crossing facilitation and intermodal capabilities,”