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Hampi second in NYT’s must-see global travel destinations

  • 12/01/2019
  • Hampi, the erstwhile capital of Vijayanagar empire known for its rich temple architecture, has been listed second on the New York Times’ list of 52 must-go sites in the world.
  • A few years back, the ‘City of Ruins’ was included in UNESCO World Heritage list, Very recently, the temple town located on the banks of Tungabhadra river was voted as Asia’s best travel destination by a panel of travel influencers and the bloggers. Now, the thriving city of medieval India, has been listed second-most coveted global destination by NYT.
  • Puerto Rico, a Carribean island, has topped the list of 52 must-see destinations in the world.
  • Nestled among the rocky hills, Hampi houses close to a 1,000 finely crafted temples and monuments. Despite being ruined by the Muslim rulers after the Battle of Talikote in 1565, the ruined monuments of Hampi still stands evidence to the glory of yesteryears.