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First career portal for students launched in Rajasthan

  • 07/02/2019
  • India’s first “career portal”, addressing the needs of secondary and higher secondary students for information on scholarships and career choices, was launched with the support of United Nations Children’s Fund.
  • The portal is expected to help the students take “informed decisions” about their academic and professional pursuits.
  • The portal, set to benefit about 23 lakh students
  • The portal would promote employment-oriented education in the State and provide information on 200 vocational and 237 professional careers, 455 employment avenues, 960 scholarships, 955 competitive examinations and 10,000 institutions of higher education to the students from Classes IX to XII.
  • Experts in UNICEF have developed the portal after an assessment of needs, awareness and perspective of students, teachers and system functionaries.
  • The assessment had indicated that most of the boys and girls in the State were keen to join the workforce as soon as they finished Class X or XII. Besides, the assessment revealed a substantial progress in terms of gender equality among the students.
  • UNICEF’s studies in Rajasthan have highlighted that two largest sources of career information for students are teachers and family members.
  • About 69% of students mentioned that they were using Internet for their career-related queries, which indicates that the adolescents will quickly learn to use the career portal.