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  • 03/11/2018

1.Some false alerts are triggered by those trying out Suraksha app launched by policeRAJESHWARI GHOSH

  • The mobile app Suraksha, launched with much fanfare last year, is meant to be a one-click alert that will enable the police to respond to women in need of help.
  • Data, however, shows that less than one in five alerts were “real”. Of the 2,096 SOS alerts triggered through the app, only 389 — or 18.5% of the calls — were genuine. The remaining 1,707 alerts were “abandoned” or closed, and most had been triggered unwittingly by users who were trying to familiarise themselves with the app.
  • The app provides five to 10 seconds for users to cancel the alert sent through the panic button. While some alerts are cancelled, the rest make their way to the control room.
  • Since its launch in April 2017, the app has seen only 95,000 downloads, much below what the police had hoped for when they launched a series of advertising campaigns.
  • Adding an exit button in the app is something many app users have suggested on Google Play store. However, developers of the app said that since it was an emergency app and should work instantly, they did not put an exit button.